Visual Studio and ReSharper favorite keyboard shortcuts and snippets

These commands applies to Visual Studio 2012, will probably work in newer versions as well. The Resharper commands are using standard “Visual Studio” keyboard scheme.


Used often
Shift+Alt+L (Locate current file in Solution Explorer)
Alt+F7 (Find usages of a class, method or variable in solution)
Ctrl+Click (Goto definition)
Alt+(+) (Alt and plus-key, find members within current file)
Ctrl+T (Goto type, symbol or file name)
Alt+Shift+T (Goto symbol)
Ctrl+Alt+Space (Smart autocomplete for current code)
Alt+Enter (Action list for code at caret)
Ctrl+Shift+R (Refactor this, selected text)
Shift+alt+pgdown – Next error in current file
Shift+alt+pgup – Previous error in current file

Used rarely
Ctrl+Shift+F1 Quick documentation (e.g. small help window for current html/code at caret)
Ctrl+R+R (Rename type/symbol with preview)
Ctrl+Shift+T (Goto file)
Ctrl+, (Recent files)
Ctrl+Shift+, (Recent edits)

Visual Studio

Used often
Ctrl+F (Find in current file)
Ctrl+Shift+F (Find in files)
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D (Format document)
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F (Format selection)
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Comment line/selection
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Uncomment line/selection
Ctrl+Click (With popular extensions Goto definition or Productivity Power Tools)
F12 (Goto definition)
Ctrl+L (Remove line/selection)
Ctrl+D (Duplicate line/selection)
Ctrl+G (Goto line)
Ctrl+Mousewheel (Set editor zoomlevel, a great plugin that keeps zoomlevel consistent in all windows is TroutZoom)

Used rarely
Alt+F1 (MSDN documentation)
Ctrl+Q (Quickfind vs2012+ and with some extension vs2010)
Alt + Select vertical lines with mouse (Expands caret across several lines, insert text on several lines simultaneously)
Ctrl+shift+alt up/down move symbol (e.g method, props etc. within current class/file)
Ctrl+shift+alt left/right move method parameters within method definition.
Ctrl+B (Toggle breakpoint)
Ctrl+Alt+B (Breakpoints list)
Back and forward mouse button (goto to prev/next edit code position)
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X (Insert snippet)
Left mouse button “triple click” – (Select entire line in vs2012+)

Snippets (enter text and then double tab-key):

nguid – Insert new GUID (Inside a string type: “nguid” and press tab tab)
prop – Insert a shorthand get set property
propfull – Insert a complete get set property with backing private field
ctor – create an parameterless constructor in the class.

Custom keyboard shortcuts

You can add your own keyboard shortcuts through Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard.
I have added the following:
Ctrl+Alt+B (Build.BuildSelection – this builds the “current” project and not the entire solution).
Ctrl+F12 (Tools.AttachtoIIS – this is a Visual Studio plugin, AttachTo which attaches the debugger to the projects IIS website)
Ctrl+Shift+G (Set keyboard shortcut to Edit.NavigateTo)

To customize the next and previous position re-map keyboard shortcuts to View.NavigateBackward and View.NavigateForward respectively. Use  Ctrl+(-) (Ctrl and minuskey, navigate to previous position) Ctrl+(+) (Ctrl and pluskey, navigate to next position) for instance.

ReSharper Visual Studio scheme keymap

New to ReSharper? A great tip from a colleague of mine is to try to learn a few keyboard shortcuts everyday.

Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio) – JetBrains .NET Tools Library – Confluence


Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up ReSharper (and Visual Studio) – JetBrains .NET Tools Library – Confluence.

And some simple smart tips from dileno regarding Visual Studio: