Log File Highlighter Extension – Visual Studio Marketplace

A Visual Studio Code extension for adding color highlighting to log files. It is based on standard conventions for log4net log files but it’s general enough to be useful for other variations of log files as well. The colors are customizable but by default the current color theme’s colors are used.

Source: Log File Highlighter – Visual Studio Marketplace

How to use underscore lib from DefinitelyTyped with typescript? – Stack Overflow

Step 1. install type definitions (e.g. vs code intellisense) to project:
npm install –save @types/underscore



Step 2. import to ts file:

import * as _ from “underscore”;

Source: How to use underscore lib from DefinitelyTyped with typescript? – Stack Overflow

Settings Sync – Visual Studio Code Extension

An extension for Visual Studio Code to sync settings between computers.

All extensions and complete User Folder that Contains
1. Settings File
2. Keybinding File
3. Launch File
4. Snippets Folder
5. VSCode Extensions & Extensions Configurations
6. Workspaces Folder

Source: Settings Sync – Visual Studio Marketplace

My VS Code Extensions for web and angular development

These are the VS Code extensions I use currently for web and angular development:

Auto close tag
Auto complete tag
Auto rename tag
Debugger for Chrome
Expand selection to scope
Highlight matching tag
Html Boilerplate
Html css support
Html snippets
Intellisense for css class names
Live sass compiler
Live server
Visual Studio Keymap

Search and install trough VS Code Extensions tab or search here: