How do I store session data in Server-side Blazor?

First to access browser Session Storage in Blazor apps, write a custom code or use a third party package. The accessed data can be stored in the localStorage and sessionStorage.  The localStorage is scoped to the user’s browser. If the user reloads the page or closes and reopens the browser, the state persists. Session storage is similar to the local storage but the data in the session storage will be cleared after the session.

Source: How do I store session data in Server-side Blazor?

Setup SCSS for Blazor

I have a few needs for SASS. Firstly, I need to be able to write SASS (or more correctly, .scss files) in Visual Studio and get all the help that Visual Studio is known for – syntax highlighting, snippets, etc. Ideally, I’d like to keep the SASS files separate from the other files so that I am messing with the wwwroot directory as little as possible. I should be able to build the SASS files into CSS files and have them auto populate the wwwroot directory. Finally, and most importantly, I need to be able to execute a build within a CI/CD platform without relying on Visual Studio and the existance of a specific setup.