Auto-decompilation for External .NET Code – in Visual Studio 2022 – 17.7 Now Available

Auto-decompilation for External .NET Code

Visual Studio’s External Source Debugging is now more powerful and effortless with auto-decompilation for external .NET code. When you step into external code, the debugger will now display the point of execution. This feature is particularly useful when analyzing call stacks, as you can double-click any stack frame and the debugger will navigate directly to the code. You can debug the decompiled code and set breakpoints easily.

All the decompiled code is also shown under the External Sources node in Solution Explorer when in debug session, making it easy to browse through the external files if needed. If you wish to disable the automatic decompilation of external code, simply clear the “Automatically decompile to source when needed (managed only)” option under Tools > Options > Debugging.

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