Master Angular 17 (a study guide)

Changes and new features

In this article, I list out the most important changes and new features, also share resources that will teach you how these new Angular features work:

  • New, declarative control flow
  • Deferred loading blocks
  • View Transitions API support
  • Support for passing in @Component.stylesas a string
  • Angular’s animations code is lazy-loadable
  • TypeScript 5.2 support

Additional important changes:

  • The core Signal API is now stable (PR)
  • Signal-based components are not ready yet, they won’t be a part of Angular 17 
  • Node.js v16 support has been removed and the minimum support version is v18.13.0 (PR)
  • We expect that Esbuild will be the default builder and the default dev server will use Vite

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