david-tec.com | mappings for PageTypeBuilder property attributes to typed pages in EPiServer 7

PageTypeBuilder EPiServer CMS 7
Attribute Property/Field Attribute Property/Field
Namespace: PageTypeBuilder Namespace: System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
PageTypeProperty DisplayInEditMode ScaffoldColumnAttribute
PageTypeProperty EditCaption Display Name
PageTypeProperty HelpText Display Description
PageTypeProperty SortOrder Display Order
PageTypeProperty Tab Display GroupName
PageTypeProperty Required Required
Namespace: EPiServer.DataAnnotations
PageTypeProperty Searchable Searchable
PageTypeProperty Type BackingType
PageTypeProperty UniqueValuePerLanguage CultureSpecific
Access Users
Access Roles
Access VisitorGroups

From: david-tec.com | Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages (part 3 of 3).

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