Angular – Reactive forms API summary

Reactive forms API summary

The following table lists the base classes and services used to create and manage reactive form controls. For complete syntax details, see the API reference documentation for the Forms package.


Class Description
AbstractControl The abstract base class for the concrete form control classes FormControlFormGroup, and FormArray. It provides their common behaviors and properties.
FormControl Manages the value and validity status of an individual form control. It corresponds to an HTML form control such as <input> or <select>.
FormGroup Manages the value and validity state of a group of AbstractControl instances. The group’s properties include its child controls. The top-level form in your component is FormGroup.
FormArray Manages the value and validity state of a numerically indexed array of AbstractControl instances.
FormBuilder An injectable service that provides factory methods for creating control instances.


Directive Description
FormControlDirective Syncs a standalone FormControl instance to a form control element.
FormControlName Syncs FormControl in an existing FormGroup instance to a form control element by name.
FormGroupDirective Syncs an existing FormGroup instance to a DOM element.
FormGroupName Syncs a nested FormGroup instance to a DOM element.
FormArrayName Syncs a nested FormArray instance to a DOM element.

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