Reqres – A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests

If you’re trying to demonstrate a front-end (JavaScript-based) concept, you don’t really want the hassle of setting up an API, or even a server (especially during a live workshop or demo).
You can just write your HTML, CSS & JavaScript as usual and send Reqres AJAX requests, which will respond with the expected response codes and output. Rapid prototyping of interfaces When prototyping a new interface, you just want an APIthere, with minimal setup effort involved. Normally, I’d point people, who aren’t too familiar with backend programming, to Sailsjs which can auto-generate a REST-API for you from the command line.
However, you will need Node.js installed and some familiarity of how Node.js works. If that sounds like too much hassle and way too daunting, Reqres is just a URL. Sending it an AJAX request is step 1…there is no step 2. Peace of mind It might seem pretty weird to be sending your data to a 3rd party API, but I can assure you, Reqres does not store any of your data at all. Once you send it to us, we just send it straight back…and then it’s gone!

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