Four ways of listening to DOM events in Angular (Part 2: @HostListener)

So now how about listening to events on the host element that wraps the component’s template? How can we do that properly in Angular apps? That’s the very question we will answer in this article. Before diving directly into listening to DOM events on a host element, I think we need to touch on what a host element is. The concept of host element applies not only to components but also attribute directives.

Source: Four ways of listening to DOM events in Angular (Part 2: @HostListener)

Zod – Typescript based validation library

Zod is a TypeScript-first schema declaration and validation library. I’m using the term “schema” to broadly refer to any data type, from a simple stringto a complex nested object.
Zod is designed to be as developer-friendly as possible. The goal is to eliminate duplicative type declarations. With Zod, you declare a validator once and Zod will automatically infer the static TypeScript type. It’s easy to compose simpler types into complex data structures.